Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Guys

Name: Caesario
Age: 20
Status: Single

This is our friend Caesario, manager of a streetwear clothing store by the name of The Trap House. We've seen him around a lot & he's always welcoming and it seemed like he was geniunely happy to see us. We need more people like him in this world, geniune. He'd always say hi and have us laughing at his jokes. Good times. One day he was kicking it with us, founders. I got a good look at him. I smacked my forehead like "why didn't I think of this before." He's bomb, duh, put him on the blog for the world to see. I'm sorry that my picture didn't do his eye justice, but they're captivating. They're green or hazel or something awesome. He's a very ambitious and charismatic with dreams of being a billionaire. If you're down in the dumps, feeling blue, just hope to run into this guy because he has a way with charm & he'll cheer you right up with his passion, humor and hospitality. That's highly attractive. I don't know about you guys, but jerks are waaay overrated. It's rumored that he's so bomb that he once turned a lesbian straight. That's craaaaaaazy. Sounds like good times, indeed.

So pretty much, if you want to shop for some new swag & look at some eye candy, mosey on down to The Trap House. The have brands like Benny Gold, Johnny Cupcakes, Rebel 8....Just go. You can also follow the store on twitter @4948TrapHouse


Name: Manji
Age: ??
Status: ??

So, my and the other found Sunnii were in dire need of food like no joke & bam, there's this place called Sushi Mac. I've been to this place a few times at another location, but this location was a first for me. At Sushi Mac, they serve delicious, made on the spot, sushi, handrolls & other specialties, but they thing is, it's only $3 a plate.  SHIEET! Sounds bomb to me. So you get nine plates of 8 rolls on each plate or something for only $21. Filling, can't be that with a stick. It's cool & trendy, it's always crackin' in there because of their enthusiatic chefs along with the good, soulful music pumping out the speakers. I'm always dancing in there. They play really good music. So anyway, back to the story, we walk in and is greeted by this sly, alluring smile from the guy above in the picture. This picture doesn't him justice either. He's always with the cunning smiles or dancing as he rolls the sushi. It's hot. He's very chill, calm, cool & collected. So Sunnii immediately calls dibs, she quickly falls in lust. It is not a joke on how fine this guy is in person. Turns out his sounds as good as he looks. In the US, he's a DJ/Producer/Chef. Back home in Japan, he owns his own record label and produce for all his acts. He also dances & you know what I say about dancers...Turns out, all the good music that's pumping is coming from his iPod. I'm talking about real hip hop, Blackstarr and things of that sort. You guys can try & go for him, but you better watch out for Sunnii because she has her eye on him.

But if you're hungry for food & a guy, find this one at Sushi Mac in West LA.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm sorry ladies in gents. We'll be right back, we're handling some technical difficulties. WE DID NOT STAND YOU UP.

You favorite bloggers.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Better late than never!!!!

Name: Matt
Age: 24
Status: Single

We caught this guy off guard while we were in the Westside Pavillion. He was minding his own business, coming up the escalator when POW!! We come out of nowhere. He probably couldn't believe that this blog was real, but I'm sure he was honored to be on it. It was funny because, I was asking him questions about himself as he was taking the picture which would explain his crazy eyes. He looked awkward, like "lady, do you want me 2 tell me my name or take the picture?" But just like every other guy on here, he was cool.

Name: Tony
Age: 17 (soon 2 be legal in a couple of days.)
Status: Taken (he got his tenderoni.)

We found him @ the new Bestbuy in the Fox Hills Mall. He was all adorable with his skateboard, by his lonesome. I was playing DJ Hero & Sunnii was playing Rockband on the other side. Yeah, we were pretty much rocking out. So Sunnii, she messed up the Xbox display on her side and she had to leave the crime scene & Tony caught her, but he didn't say anything. Then Tony watched me play DJ Hero with one of my friends & when I was finished I threw my hands up like a rockstar & shouted "THANK YOU OHIO!!!!" I made him laugh. Then I realized, heeeeey, wait a minute, this guy's cute. So after Tony & I shared DJ Hero, taking turns on the turntable, Sunnii said we should feature him on the blog. He was bashful & modest about it. Then he told us that his birthday was next week or maybe this week so Tony if you're reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GOOD LOOKING GUY!!!!
wait people, there's more!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

celebrity friday - part deux!

Name: Levi Maestro
Age: ???
Status: Single...I think.

So, I was on one of my favorite female ran blogs called "Herfection", I think it was Herfection, when I ran across a post with one of his videos on there. In case you guys don't know who he is because he's not a really big celebrity, but he does hang out w/ the stars, Levi Maestro has an internet series called "Maestro Knows" where he shows a day in a life in Los Angeles through his own eyes. So yeah, I clicked play & BOOM! BOMBNESS ON MY MONITOR! I was like whoa, you live out here? Anywho, from my observations, this guy loves In-N-Out, so ladies, I guess that'll be the bait to get him. A double-double.

celebrity friday!!!

Name: Shia LaBeouf
Age: 23
Status: Taken..I think.

I first found him on Even Steven's because those were one of the daily shows I would watch and I was like, hey, he's kinda cute. Then he went from kinda cute to "oh my god, he is hotter than the devil's balls!" Who would have know that the dorky kid that was a walking accident in Even Steven's would have grown up to be a chain-smoking sexy man! I must say that we are very fortunate to have him as an Angeleno. I can't stare at him too long now or I lose my words. THANKS SHIA LEBEOUF FOR BEING A GOOD LOOKING GUY IN LOS ANGELES!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

back for good.

Oh my god, we're back by popular demand. Well, we never planned to leave, it just happened. Anyway, this time around we have a set schedule. The goal of this blog is 2 provide man-candy for you men lovers from all over los angeles, as much man-candy as possible. Therefore we're going to add two segments to this blog. 1) celebrity fridays & 2) internet hotties & that will be posted on wednesdays. YAAAAAAY!

Celebrity Fridays: We will post a celebrity who's hot & happens 2 be an los angeleno.

Internet Hotties (name most likely will change): We're going 2 find some guys from LA off of one those social networking sites like facebook, myspace, twitter & whatever else.

Anywho, without further ado, here is our two GLG's of this past weekend!!!

Name: Tay
Age: 18
Status: Single & LEGAL!

This striking young gentleman was found @ The Grove, walking in front of his group like he was the head of the pack. Then ditched his pack to see a live band playing in Banana Republic & he rocked out all by his lonesome. There is nothing more attractive than a guy being able 2 do his own thing or isn't afraid 2 act silly by himself. You know there's a lot of self-concious guys out there. So we asked Tay, we gave him the whole run down about the blog & he was all for it. fun facts about Tay, he jerks. in case u don't know what jerking is, it's not the jerking u think, it's a form of dance. I'll be back later w/ the web address so you can see his videos. Oh yeah, & u know what they say about men who love to dance...besides the fact that they might be good in bed, they're very coordinated.

Name: Patrick
Age: 20
Status: Taken

So I was walking past the long, stupid, obnoxious line for New Moon, thinking, "if it weren't for you die hard Twilight dorks who makes this movie seem over rated, I would be able 2 go watch it right now." But infront of the third part of the line (yes, there were parts of the line) stood cool ass Patrick w/ his cool ass girlfriend. So I got to thinking again, "hey, she's pretty lucky to have a guy who's bomb & doesn't mind going 2 watch Twilight. That's pretty bad ass." So I made a quick U-Turn to see the couple & the closer I got, the more good looking he was. His girlfriend gave us permission to release this picture to the hounds of the internet world. You know you always have to ask the GF's permission or it would seem totally disrespectful. So I explained the whole deal to Patrick, he had no clue on what was going on. He must've been in the New Moon zone or somethinBut like the cool ass guy he is, he agreed to it to.

Hey good looking los angelenos, stay tuned for more good looking guys.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we're back

what up people. sunnii here for the first time. sorry for the absence. jfk and myself have been very busy girls. but we are back in business. as i said before this is my first post. usually i just kind of help jfk out by getting the info from the guys and stuff but i couldn't let her have all the fun of posting.

here are my first two guys!!!

Name: Jhalon


Status: single... i think

jfk and i know this guy from high school. we weren't able to take a pic of him so he sent a few to my email. hes super cool, laid back & hot. he enjoys music and we have another herbal guy ladies. THANKS JHALON FOR BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Curtis

Age: idk

Status: single

this smc hottie is one of my new favs. he’s a total sweet heart and has an adorable laugh. jfk and i met him a little bit before we decided he belonged on this blog. i think he skateboards. lol. when i told him we wanted him to be on the blog he laughed and told us that he’d take the picture if i was in it. lucky me! THANKS CURTIS FOR BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!