Sunday, September 28, 2008

more more more.

here are our two GLG's:

Name: Dominic

Age: 20

Status: Single

i love how we're finding a lot of single men out here. i always hear females yap & whine about how all the good one's are taken. well maybe u're not searching in the right spot because here's Dominic & we found him on Melrose. he was minding his own business looking good & fashionable & gladly accepted our invitation 2 join the numerous GLG's on this blog. so all u females who are complaining about not being able 2 find single dudes who are bomb, shut up. because like i said here's dominic & he's bomb. THANKS DOMINIC 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

Name: Saša Vujačić

Age: 24

Status: Single??

oh man, we got our first celeb. Saša Vujačić & for those of u who don't know, he plays 4 the Lakers. number #18. that's my nephew in the picture looking starstruck because he is the Lakers biggest fan. he hopes 2 play 4 them. & 4 u anal people i know that Saša wasn't born out here but he was in Los Angeles looking good so whatever. i found him @ the South Bay Galleria shopping w/ his homies. he was really polite & cool. he complimented my shirt & was happy 2 take a picture w/ my nephew. after i took the picture i looked back on it & realized that he was extremely attractive & had 2 go on the blog. THANKS SASA 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

we'll be back. word 2 ya' mutha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sorry 4 absence.

sunnii & me have been busy doin' our school thang & building a future & stuff. sorry 4 the delay. now 4 our two GLG's:

Name: Mete

Age: 21

Status: Complicated.

sunnii & i found this gorgeous specimen @ the comic shop by the Santa Monica Public Library. he worked there & i was thankful. sunnii actually spotted him out from the outside & lead me into a nice view. he was helpful & polite when i asked him about one of my favorite comic strip book "Calvin & Hobbes." he was real chill. & the whole conversation about this blog made him laugh. i couldn't keep my eyes off him. yeah, he's a ten. THANKS META 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Cedric

Age: 21

Status: Single

this is me & sunnii's good friend. a good looking friend might i add. on top of looks, he's smart w/ a good sense of humor. did i say that he was good looking? i'd like 2 say he's a thrill seeker. he likes skating & shooting people in video games & girls. he's a caring guy, but he can be an asshole when he wants 2 be. i met this guy two years back & i think he thought i was crazy. but i get that a lot. i'm not crazy, i'm just outspoken. he really didn't want 2 be on this blog, but it's our mission 2 get every beautiful guy on this blog. even if it's involuntary (just kidding). THANKS CEDRIC 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!

we won't keep u waiting.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

what's good in the hood.

here are 2day's GLG's:

Name: Deonse

Age: 18

Status: Single

look what we found in the hood. he just happened 2 walk in the liquor store Sunnii & I were. when he walked in i didn't have my camera, but luckily he entered the apartment my sister lives in. so i got my camera & approached him. an appealing smile eased on his face right after i gave him the info & he was happy to know that he was blogworthy. Sunnii, that little perv, couldn't keep her eyes off him. i'm not going 2 lie, i couldn't either. ha ha! THANKS DEONSE 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

Name: Julio

Age: 18

Status: Single & ready 2 mingle

this is my good friend Julio. Julio's super cool & super attractive. he's an art loving, bike riding, music freak. he's free spirit that appreciates almost everything in life. honestly like one of the coolest guys i know, eventhough i told him otherwise. but don't be deceived by his niceness & his shy boy demeanor. because it's all game. THANKS JULIO 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

until next post....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GLG's of all ages.

here are ur two GLG's:

(asian dude)
Name: Kenny
Age: 21-ish
Status: Taken (i think)
i met this cool cat @ six flags magic mountain. & i don't care what u people say i'm still considering six flags apart of LA. if u don't like it, go kiss something. anywho, this fine piece was pointed out 2 me by one of my sister's friends. Sunnii approached him & his girlfriend & gave them the info & his girlfriend was very cool & practically gave him away. this guy is hot. TATTOOS ARE BEAUTIFUL! & that sly smirk he has in the pictures is attractive. his friend was cool too. THANKS KENNY 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Kai
Age: 3
Status: Not on the market.
this is Kai, he's my beautiful nephew. can't nobody tell me nothing about this guy. he is the coolest little guy i know. & he says the funniest things. THANKS KAI 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING & A COOL NEPHEW!!!

until next post...

Monday, September 1, 2008

los angeles is gifted.

let me introduce my two GLG's:

(JFK's favorite.)

Name: Brooklyn

Age: 21

Status: ??

(jfk clears her throat)this guy, Brooklyn, is fine as hell. boy......whew. my sister pointed him out. he was really sweet & bashful about the whole proposal. & plus he has a grip of tattoos. he had sleeves & neck tattoos & i almost fainted. lol. jk. & also, Brooklyn is a model. which makes sense because u can't be that bomb & not make money off of it. he had everything that u need 2 be a gorgeous piece. Brooklyn models 4 this clothing line called Under The Hood & on the website u can see more pictures of him. i did. here's the website.

(& a special thank u from JFK. oh & sorry it took so long.)

Name: Charlie

Age: 17

Status: ???

this is me & Sunnii's co-worker, he's hot. it's cool eye-candy @ work. i think he's taken & if he taken by the person i think he is, she is a lucky girl. he's mellow & humorous. he loves the kids. & he's very herbal, if u know what i mean. & that's a plus. cool guy, hot face. THANKS CHARLIE 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

until next post.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

back on the go-go.

day deuce & we're back in affect. Sunnii & i hit the third street promenade again. u guys already know what that place is about. but need i remind u that that place is full of GLG's. so here are two more GLG's 4 u.

Name: Thriller (something like that.)

Age: ?? (4got 2 ask.)

Status: Single

this guy is a dancer from a b-boy crew called "soul 2 soul" & he's pretty smug. when i gave him the whole proposition about the blog, he was just blank about the whole thing. his attitude kind of turned me off, but i can't deny a pretty face even if he is smug. but he turned up & let me do it & he was flattered. THANKS THRILLER 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING.

(one of Sunnii's favorite so far.)
Name: Justin
Age: ?? (4got 2 ask)
Status: Single
Justin was sooooo cute. i found him @ forever 21 folding shirts & singing the song that was playing on the loud speaker "American Boy". he was grooving. i laughed. when i told him about the blog, he was happy & smiling & it made me smile. he was laid back & funny & he liked me & Sunnii's names, & that's cool. i liked his style which is 2 be different. what a cutey! & his smile is nice. THANKS JUSTIN 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!
stay tuned cuuuuuhz!

first & foremost.

yay! our first post with guys in it. damn it feels good 2 be gangsta. anywho, Sunnii & i had hit the streets & made our way over 2 the Santa Monica Promenade. greeeeat place 4 shopping, food, entertainment & that's right, guys! but the entertainment is pretty cool, live music, dancers, acrobats, psychics & bums. it's funny 2 read the signs that the bums make. anywho, this is actually one of our two trips 2 the Promenade, but i'll give up the goods about that trip in the next post.

so yeah, we ran into TWO GLG's. now let me introduce them.

Name: Rick aka Fasa

Age: ?? (young looking)

Status: Single

Rick is bomb. guys with facial hair are always a plus in my book, i actually prefer & i speak 4 Sunnii also. his hair's cool, he's just nice 2 look @. we met this guy @ Jamba Juice & he was pretty flattered & kinda thrown off by the whole idea of a blog dedicated 2 good looking guys. cool guy, he let us take the picture. & come 2 find out, this guy's a musician, i knew it was something about him. he gave me his myspace which all u guys can check out. THANKS RICK 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!

Rick's myspace:

(the light skinned one)

Name: Triphon

Age: 17

Status: Single

fresh black kid, u can tell he loves himself. he had swag. he is bomb. funny story how i met this kid. Triphon had a whole little entourage & i stopped them all 2 ask Triphon if we can post him on GLGILA. i guess i wasn't clear enough because his arrogant friend thought i was asking him. so his reply was "hell naw." he later felt stupid & was forced into silence when i informed him that the question was directed 2 Triphon & not him. his friends shared a laugh @ his expense. the dark skinned dude Darrell (sorry if i mispelled it), he's cool because he volunteered 2 take the picture too. THANKS 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING TRIPHON!!!!!

stay tuned 4 more GOOD LOOKING GUYS.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

our initial introduction.

hello ladies & gents. our first post, we go. well, we've taken a couple of pictures of some guys, but since this blog is brand new & we haven't gotten ourselves situated, we won't have everything up & fully running until like tommorrow. hopefully no later than 2morrow. so if we have taken a picture of u & u don't see urself up here yet, don't fret, u are soon 2 come.

let see what other things am i suppose 2 say. oh, let me talk about this whole blog in general. this blog is created 4 people who like guys by girls. this blog is here 2 provide eye-candy for the public, boost some self-esteem & get some laughs inbetween. & 4 out of towners, we're going 2 show u what real L.A. guys look like. on this blog we are going 2 provide a various type of GLG's (good looking guys). all types of GLG's from the dorky suit & tie dudes 2 the crazy skateboarding guys 2 the hood guys (ethnicity doesn't matter). now don't think you are going 2 find every dude on here attractive, because every girl has their own taste. but the guys that we post on here are the guys that me, JFK, & my fellow co-founder, Sunnii, agree that they're hot. & i'd like 2 say that we have great taste in men.

so please, enjoy yourselves. we want lots of comments because that's the best part about blogging, reading the comments. & also, if u would like 2 nominate a guy 4 this blog, u can e-mail me or Sunnii. we gots big plans 4 this blog.

if u would like 2 learn more about the founders click our names under "founders."