Saturday, August 30, 2008

back on the go-go.

day deuce & we're back in affect. Sunnii & i hit the third street promenade again. u guys already know what that place is about. but need i remind u that that place is full of GLG's. so here are two more GLG's 4 u.

Name: Thriller (something like that.)

Age: ?? (4got 2 ask.)

Status: Single

this guy is a dancer from a b-boy crew called "soul 2 soul" & he's pretty smug. when i gave him the whole proposition about the blog, he was just blank about the whole thing. his attitude kind of turned me off, but i can't deny a pretty face even if he is smug. but he turned up & let me do it & he was flattered. THANKS THRILLER 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING.

(one of Sunnii's favorite so far.)
Name: Justin
Age: ?? (4got 2 ask)
Status: Single
Justin was sooooo cute. i found him @ forever 21 folding shirts & singing the song that was playing on the loud speaker "American Boy". he was grooving. i laughed. when i told him about the blog, he was happy & smiling & it made me smile. he was laid back & funny & he liked me & Sunnii's names, & that's cool. i liked his style which is 2 be different. what a cutey! & his smile is nice. THANKS JUSTIN 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!
stay tuned cuuuuuhz!

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