Thursday, August 28, 2008

our initial introduction.

hello ladies & gents. our first post, we go. well, we've taken a couple of pictures of some guys, but since this blog is brand new & we haven't gotten ourselves situated, we won't have everything up & fully running until like tommorrow. hopefully no later than 2morrow. so if we have taken a picture of u & u don't see urself up here yet, don't fret, u are soon 2 come.

let see what other things am i suppose 2 say. oh, let me talk about this whole blog in general. this blog is created 4 people who like guys by girls. this blog is here 2 provide eye-candy for the public, boost some self-esteem & get some laughs inbetween. & 4 out of towners, we're going 2 show u what real L.A. guys look like. on this blog we are going 2 provide a various type of GLG's (good looking guys). all types of GLG's from the dorky suit & tie dudes 2 the crazy skateboarding guys 2 the hood guys (ethnicity doesn't matter). now don't think you are going 2 find every dude on here attractive, because every girl has their own taste. but the guys that we post on here are the guys that me, JFK, & my fellow co-founder, Sunnii, agree that they're hot. & i'd like 2 say that we have great taste in men.

so please, enjoy yourselves. we want lots of comments because that's the best part about blogging, reading the comments. & also, if u would like 2 nominate a guy 4 this blog, u can e-mail me or Sunnii. we gots big plans 4 this blog.

if u would like 2 learn more about the founders click our names under "founders."

1 comment:

BROOKLYN said...

yoooo whats popping you took my pic in the south bay and i dont see me on here thats not good and im the hotest guy out of all of these cats how could u 4get about BROOKLYN??? thats not a good look!!