Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GLG's of all ages.

here are ur two GLG's:

(asian dude)
Name: Kenny
Age: 21-ish
Status: Taken (i think)
i met this cool cat @ six flags magic mountain. & i don't care what u people say i'm still considering six flags apart of LA. if u don't like it, go kiss something. anywho, this fine piece was pointed out 2 me by one of my sister's friends. Sunnii approached him & his girlfriend & gave them the info & his girlfriend was very cool & practically gave him away. this guy is hot. TATTOOS ARE BEAUTIFUL! & that sly smirk he has in the pictures is attractive. his friend was cool too. THANKS KENNY 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Kai
Age: 3
Status: Not on the market.
this is Kai, he's my beautiful nephew. can't nobody tell me nothing about this guy. he is the coolest little guy i know. & he says the funniest things. THANKS KAI 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING & A COOL NEPHEW!!!

until next post...

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*_*Antoine*_* said...

Such a great picture of Kai!