Monday, September 1, 2008

los angeles is gifted.

let me introduce my two GLG's:

(JFK's favorite.)

Name: Brooklyn

Age: 21

Status: ??

(jfk clears her throat)this guy, Brooklyn, is fine as hell. boy......whew. my sister pointed him out. he was really sweet & bashful about the whole proposal. & plus he has a grip of tattoos. he had sleeves & neck tattoos & i almost fainted. lol. jk. & also, Brooklyn is a model. which makes sense because u can't be that bomb & not make money off of it. he had everything that u need 2 be a gorgeous piece. Brooklyn models 4 this clothing line called Under The Hood & on the website u can see more pictures of him. i did. here's the website.

(& a special thank u from JFK. oh & sorry it took so long.)

Name: Charlie

Age: 17

Status: ???

this is me & Sunnii's co-worker, he's hot. it's cool eye-candy @ work. i think he's taken & if he taken by the person i think he is, she is a lucky girl. he's mellow & humorous. he loves the kids. & he's very herbal, if u know what i mean. & that's a plus. cool guy, hot face. THANKS CHARLIE 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

until next post.

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Anonymous said...

Damn he is so effin bomn I'm such a prev for him