Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sorry 4 absence.

sunnii & me have been busy doin' our school thang & building a future & stuff. sorry 4 the delay. now 4 our two GLG's:

Name: Mete

Age: 21

Status: Complicated.

sunnii & i found this gorgeous specimen @ the comic shop by the Santa Monica Public Library. he worked there & i was thankful. sunnii actually spotted him out from the outside & lead me into a nice view. he was helpful & polite when i asked him about one of my favorite comic strip book "Calvin & Hobbes." he was real chill. & the whole conversation about this blog made him laugh. i couldn't keep my eyes off him. yeah, he's a ten. THANKS META 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Cedric

Age: 21

Status: Single

this is me & sunnii's good friend. a good looking friend might i add. on top of looks, he's smart w/ a good sense of humor. did i say that he was good looking? i'd like 2 say he's a thrill seeker. he likes skating & shooting people in video games & girls. he's a caring guy, but he can be an asshole when he wants 2 be. i met this guy two years back & i think he thought i was crazy. but i get that a lot. i'm not crazy, i'm just outspoken. he really didn't want 2 be on this blog, but it's our mission 2 get every beautiful guy on this blog. even if it's involuntary (just kidding). THANKS CEDRIC 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!

we won't keep u waiting.....