Sunday, September 28, 2008

more more more.

here are our two GLG's:

Name: Dominic

Age: 20

Status: Single

i love how we're finding a lot of single men out here. i always hear females yap & whine about how all the good one's are taken. well maybe u're not searching in the right spot because here's Dominic & we found him on Melrose. he was minding his own business looking good & fashionable & gladly accepted our invitation 2 join the numerous GLG's on this blog. so all u females who are complaining about not being able 2 find single dudes who are bomb, shut up. because like i said here's dominic & he's bomb. THANKS DOMINIC 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

Name: Saša Vujačić

Age: 24

Status: Single??

oh man, we got our first celeb. Saša Vujačić & for those of u who don't know, he plays 4 the Lakers. number #18. that's my nephew in the picture looking starstruck because he is the Lakers biggest fan. he hopes 2 play 4 them. & 4 u anal people i know that Saša wasn't born out here but he was in Los Angeles looking good so whatever. i found him @ the South Bay Galleria shopping w/ his homies. he was really polite & cool. he complimented my shirt & was happy 2 take a picture w/ my nephew. after i took the picture i looked back on it & realized that he was extremely attractive & had 2 go on the blog. THANKS SASA 4 BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!

we'll be back. word 2 ya' mutha.