Monday, November 23, 2009

back for good.

Oh my god, we're back by popular demand. Well, we never planned to leave, it just happened. Anyway, this time around we have a set schedule. The goal of this blog is 2 provide man-candy for you men lovers from all over los angeles, as much man-candy as possible. Therefore we're going to add two segments to this blog. 1) celebrity fridays & 2) internet hotties & that will be posted on wednesdays. YAAAAAAY!

Celebrity Fridays: We will post a celebrity who's hot & happens 2 be an los angeleno.

Internet Hotties (name most likely will change): We're going 2 find some guys from LA off of one those social networking sites like facebook, myspace, twitter & whatever else.

Anywho, without further ado, here is our two GLG's of this past weekend!!!

Name: Tay
Age: 18
Status: Single & LEGAL!

This striking young gentleman was found @ The Grove, walking in front of his group like he was the head of the pack. Then ditched his pack to see a live band playing in Banana Republic & he rocked out all by his lonesome. There is nothing more attractive than a guy being able 2 do his own thing or isn't afraid 2 act silly by himself. You know there's a lot of self-concious guys out there. So we asked Tay, we gave him the whole run down about the blog & he was all for it. fun facts about Tay, he jerks. in case u don't know what jerking is, it's not the jerking u think, it's a form of dance. I'll be back later w/ the web address so you can see his videos. Oh yeah, & u know what they say about men who love to dance...besides the fact that they might be good in bed, they're very coordinated.

Name: Patrick
Age: 20
Status: Taken

So I was walking past the long, stupid, obnoxious line for New Moon, thinking, "if it weren't for you die hard Twilight dorks who makes this movie seem over rated, I would be able 2 go watch it right now." But infront of the third part of the line (yes, there were parts of the line) stood cool ass Patrick w/ his cool ass girlfriend. So I got to thinking again, "hey, she's pretty lucky to have a guy who's bomb & doesn't mind going 2 watch Twilight. That's pretty bad ass." So I made a quick U-Turn to see the couple & the closer I got, the more good looking he was. His girlfriend gave us permission to release this picture to the hounds of the internet world. You know you always have to ask the GF's permission or it would seem totally disrespectful. So I explained the whole deal to Patrick, he had no clue on what was going on. He must've been in the New Moon zone or somethinBut like the cool ass guy he is, he agreed to it to.

Hey good looking los angelenos, stay tuned for more good looking guys.

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