Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we're back

what up people. sunnii here for the first time. sorry for the absence. jfk and myself have been very busy girls. but we are back in business. as i said before this is my first post. usually i just kind of help jfk out by getting the info from the guys and stuff but i couldn't let her have all the fun of posting.

here are my first two guys!!!

Name: Jhalon


Status: single... i think

jfk and i know this guy from high school. we weren't able to take a pic of him so he sent a few to my email. hes super cool, laid back & hot. he enjoys music and we have another herbal guy ladies. THANKS JHALON FOR BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!

Name: Curtis

Age: idk

Status: single

this smc hottie is one of my new favs. he’s a total sweet heart and has an adorable laugh. jfk and i met him a little bit before we decided he belonged on this blog. i think he skateboards. lol. when i told him we wanted him to be on the blog he laughed and told us that he’d take the picture if i was in it. lucky me! THANKS CURTIS FOR BEING GOOD LOOKING!!!!