Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Guys

Name: Caesario
Age: 20
Status: Single

This is our friend Caesario, manager of a streetwear clothing store by the name of The Trap House. We've seen him around a lot & he's always welcoming and it seemed like he was geniunely happy to see us. We need more people like him in this world, geniune. He'd always say hi and have us laughing at his jokes. Good times. One day he was kicking it with us, founders. I got a good look at him. I smacked my forehead like "why didn't I think of this before." He's bomb, duh, put him on the blog for the world to see. I'm sorry that my picture didn't do his eye justice, but they're captivating. They're green or hazel or something awesome. He's a very ambitious and charismatic with dreams of being a billionaire. If you're down in the dumps, feeling blue, just hope to run into this guy because he has a way with charm & he'll cheer you right up with his passion, humor and hospitality. That's highly attractive. I don't know about you guys, but jerks are waaay overrated. It's rumored that he's so bomb that he once turned a lesbian straight. That's craaaaaaazy. Sounds like good times, indeed.

So pretty much, if you want to shop for some new swag & look at some eye candy, mosey on down to The Trap House. The have brands like Benny Gold, Johnny Cupcakes, Rebel 8....Just go. You can also follow the store on twitter @4948TrapHouse


Name: Manji
Age: ??
Status: ??

So, my and the other found Sunnii were in dire need of food like no joke & bam, there's this place called Sushi Mac. I've been to this place a few times at another location, but this location was a first for me. At Sushi Mac, they serve delicious, made on the spot, sushi, handrolls & other specialties, but they thing is, it's only $3 a plate.  SHIEET! Sounds bomb to me. So you get nine plates of 8 rolls on each plate or something for only $21. Filling, can't be that with a stick. It's cool & trendy, it's always crackin' in there because of their enthusiatic chefs along with the good, soulful music pumping out the speakers. I'm always dancing in there. They play really good music. So anyway, back to the story, we walk in and is greeted by this sly, alluring smile from the guy above in the picture. This picture doesn't him justice either. He's always with the cunning smiles or dancing as he rolls the sushi. It's hot. He's very chill, calm, cool & collected. So Sunnii immediately calls dibs, she quickly falls in lust. It is not a joke on how fine this guy is in person. Turns out his sounds as good as he looks. In the US, he's a DJ/Producer/Chef. Back home in Japan, he owns his own record label and produce for all his acts. He also dances & you know what I say about dancers...Turns out, all the good music that's pumping is coming from his iPod. I'm talking about real hip hop, Blackstarr and things of that sort. You guys can try & go for him, but you better watch out for Sunnii because she has her eye on him.

But if you're hungry for food & a guy, find this one at Sushi Mac in West LA.